Empowering Tech Newbies to Responsibly and Effectively Navigate the Modern Digital Landscape.

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As our world becomes more technologically-reliant, it is the duty of those of us who are knowledgeable in the field to provide perspective and context to the average user and help support those who need help coming up the digital curve. 

The need for us all to become more technologically-resourceful is the escapable reality of an increasingly digitally-responsive world. Yet, many of us lack the resources to do so in a healthy, effective, and essentially holistic way.  This is where the work of the Tech It Like A Girl initiative comes in.

Tech It Like A Girl was designed to bring FREE-to-access resources, tools, and tips to anyone and everyone so they can make the best use of the technology in their lives. The goal is to use technological resources while remaining grounded in our real lives and without becoming lost in, and overwhelmed by, virtual realities. 

It is my prayer that through this initiative your digital experiences will be significantly improved and become a positive adjunct to your real lives. 

On A Mission

to foster healthy use of modern technology for all.

TECHITLIKEAGIRL.WORLD is a FREE-to-Access platform committed to empowering all of us who must interface with smart devices and the digital space in life and work, with the tools to do so effectively and healthily. This platform is for EVERYONE wherever they are on the tech-savvy spectrum, and is particularly useful to those who must come up the digital curve.

To advocate for R.I.C.H. (resourceful, innovative, creative, holistic) approaches to navigating the inevitable digital pivot, including smart tech usage and curating digital spaces 4 ALL

To be a premium and trusted tech-lifestyle resource hub for successfully and healthily navigate the nuances of their digital lives and digital living while remaining grounded and connected to their non-digital realities.

Objectives outlined to help us realise this vision include:

  • Sharing insights that helps bridge the digital divide and equip even the least tech-savvy among us with the tools they need to come up the digital curve and easily and efficiently
  • Providing FREE to Cheap (okay, affordable) access to affordable principles, processes, and technological resources
  • Highlighting real-life stories and experiences that help our end-users (that means you) simplify, manage, & maximise their digital resources for smarter work & healthier, more resourceful living in an increasingly digitally-dependent age.
  • Helping users build the courage to do things differently and digitally all while engaging tech-management tools and insights that help cultivate a healthier relationship with tech (i.e. keeping devices in their rightful place)

Tech [tek] sounds much like the Jamaican Langwij form of the verb ‘to take,’ and can have sexual feminine undertones when used in the context of ‘tekking it like a girl.’

Add to that, the notions expressed in Food for Thought and the statement ‘Tech It Like A Girl’ becomes a loaded one and quite the conversation starter whenever social media handles are exchanged.

The wordplay of Tech It Like A Girl is particularly significant as it embodies the strength connoted in the statement ‘ take it like a man’ while flying in the face of the negative connotation of weakness associated with handling something ‘like a girl.’ 

Added to that, the phrase is coined and championed by a black woman in tech from a third-world emerging economy, operating in an industry dominated by men often of non-African descent.

Innovation is everybody's business and creativity is a lifestyle. There is no need to be an entrepreneur at a cool new startup or have creative talents to live and work from a creative and entrepreneurial space.

Healthy and effective tech usage means putting smart tech resources in their rightful place; as tools to be maximised while remaining grounded in our non-digital lives.

"Creativity and innovation are not concepts limited in scope to the creative arts and startups. Instead, they are key ways of effectively interfacing with life, work, and the world."